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Is your business still using analog lines for your phone lines? Move your phone system to the cloud with the latest PBX solutions offered by NIkik Digital Solutions.

Manage incoming calls with a digital assistant who can route your calls for you. Set your office hours, so customers know when you're not in the office. Transfer calls to your mobile phone when you're working away from the office for the day. These are just a few of the many options offered by using a cloud based PBX phone system.

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Cloud Based PBX Systems

Utilizing the latest solutions for cloud based PBX system for VoIP Phones, Nikik Digital Solutions can help you move away from analog lines. We work with 3CX Phone Systems to move businesses into the digital age with cloud-based solutions for their phone systems.

Why choose NIKIK for your VoIP Phone La Ronge?

  • 100% Locally Ran Business
  • Understanding of different technologies used in phone systems
  • Over 14 years experience in the technology industry
  • Support for managed cloud-based phone services
  • High customer satisfaction rates
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NIKIK Digital Solutions is an IT Support business from La Ronge that provides local tech support for businesses in the Tri-Community

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